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Our teamMichael Wisniewski Director, artist Michael Wisniewski has been painting with spraycans for nearly 30 years and is one of Denmark’s most respected urban artists, and is also one of Europe’s best 3d graffiti painters. His precise execution of complex perspective and spellbinding mastery of depth, space, and light and shadow is a rare gift. His compositions are flawless, and his ability to manipulate the illusion of deep space amounts to nothing short of spraycan wizardry . He is a master landscape painter with an extraordinary ability to blend stylized fantasy with hyper realism. A consummate professional with a keen eye for detail, color and dynamic composition, Michael’s versatile body of work stands in a class of its own.Ulrik Schiødt Artist, planning Ulrik Schiødt is a legend in Danish graffiti. Most well known for the “Evolution” mural, a gigantic 765 m2 continuous wall depicting the evolution of life in the universe, Ulrik has had a storied and well traveled career. With over 30 years of experience as a spraycan practitioner, Ulrik is widely considered one of Denmark’s greatest graffiti artists of all time.Peter Skensved Artist, communication and planning Peter Skensved has in recent years worked as a producer at major art projects in both the painting, theater, TV mm. He has more than 20 years as a performer helped to create some of the largest paintings, but performs often planning and project management in collaboration with Michael Wisniewski.Partners & CollaboratorsPartners & CollaboratorsBrandon Lewis Artist, multimedia specialist Brandon Lewis is a multimedia urban artist with 18 years of experience painting graffiti. A highly skilled illustrator, calligrapher, and portrait painter, he brings a variety of techniques and capabilities to the team. Born in New York and now based in Copenhagen, Brandon is a versatile artist, practicing in fine art, photography, video, graphic design and web production. Caligr One Artist, planning Parisian aerosol artist Caligr One, is a creative master of perspective, 3d and figurative painting as well as planing and ideas. A truly unique creativity is floating around this guy. Caligr is one of our favorite and most frequent international collaborators. Falkesmed Artist, Mr. Energy This guy is the power sauce for a lot of the late night projects thru the years. Falkesmed is one of our most trusted colleagues and sparring partners. An expert in surface preparation and materials combinations, as well as sculpture, patina and abstract painting, Falkesmed has been a priceless asset to Murkunst over the years.