We are Murkunst - world class wall artists


We do it naturally. As artists, it is in our nature to be problem-solvers explorers

Murkunst.dk have assembled a team of some of Denmark’s most experienced wall painters.

Together we offer unique decoration of large surfaces and fulfill each and every one of our customers demands.  Over time we have produced versatile, groundbreaking and resourceful solutions.  

We do it naturally. As artists, it is in our nature to be problem-solvers explorers, and therefore our creations and works of art are both cutting edge and captivating to our audience. 

We work on all surfaces, big and small, from multi-story wall paintings and facades to cafés, restaurants, vehicles, signs and much more.

I’m Michael Wisniewski. Artist and illustrator from Denmark

Michael Wisniewski is one of Denmark’s most experienced wall artists, offering unique decoration of large and small surfaces and striving to meet the specific needs of each customer. Over time, Michael has worked with many different artists, on large projects, and has been on several thousand square meters alone. Over the past 12 years, these works have created some different, cutting-edge and challenging solutions. The concept of Murkunst originated in 2008, where the emphasis was on creating an art company with high quality, strong service and at the same time using a name that tells more about art on walls than a private name.

For the past 12 years we have been country and around the world, as well as doing assignments for Hollywood and Paris, among others. Wall art is sometimes a collaboration between artists, but mostly only Michael. It is in the nature of Murkunst’s nature to be curious and forward-looking and the brand is therefore – art and decoration for full effect. Work is carried out on virtually every surface, from gables and facades, to canteens, cars and signs. You can also order a painting on canvas. As the quality and durability are paramount, Michael himself stretches the canvas.

Once a year we hold an exhibition of canvas paintings for sale in gallery. So follow us on our Facebook
Welcome to Murkunst – World class murals.