Professional Painting Services for Your Business

World class wall art. We do big things. Murkunst specializes in creating large scale art for big spaces.

Over 30 years of experience as a spray-can practitioner. We do everything in our power to meet our customers demands.

Festival Art

At Murkunst, we love a good party, especially when we get to paint! We have helped to decorate numerous festivals and events in Denmark and abroad.

Events and Workshops

Looking for a unique graffiti experience? We have you covered. Murkunst offers teambuilding excercises, special event activities, as well as educational workshops for students.


We specialise in making art on walls of all sizes and in all environments, both indoors and out.

Original Artwork

In addition to being experienced mural producers, all of our team members are also accomplished studio artists. Have a look at their individual portfolios of original paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works

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