18 unique artworks  were completed in July 2013, in block 36 in Farum Center. But the idea is old, says one of the residents behind, Asger Roth: Earlier we were very troubled by ‘tags’ * in our time, so already 20 years ago we got someone to make some nicer graffiti on the walls, but now we thought it was time to get some true professional. This we would not call graffiti – it’s spray art, “says Asger Roth, who themselves live in the block and therefore daily can appreciate the imaginative murals. It is the company ‘Murkunst.dk’ behind the works.

* ‘Tags’ are less signatures, also performed with spray.

Project Details
Client:  KAB
Dato: Sommer 2013
Skills: landscape painting, scenography, character, psy graph, water, fantasy painting
Execution M.Wisniewski