An endless universe, full of twinkling stars

The HC Andersen school contacted Murkunst regarding a desire to transform their elliptical building into something adventurous and beautiful. We were given free hands, but the school would like to have their name represented in the work. Design idea: As you enter school, you simultaneously embark on an adventure that will develop into the person you see in the mirror as an adult.

The work was well received and here are some comments from those who have their usual time at school.

“You are insanely talented and our children are captivated by the depth of the artwork. On Monday morning, for example, a child found it quite natural to take a step up the stairs

“Use us definitively for reference. My office is on the first floor 10 meters from the ellipse. I catch myself hanging out the window several times a day to admire your work. It is incomparable, beautiful, deep and fascinating. Once again huge thanks !!!!!!!!

“We were over and see it today when our children were picked up from school. It’s super nice. Nice sight when we hand over and pick up children.