Profile of a girl and a boy in the study age.

Slagelse beautification company contacted Murkunst about mural paintings. As the beautification company they are, it’s their mission to create life in the city through art. They wanted to signal a youthful, but also place certain painting divided into two big murals.

Ulrik made a main design. Profile of a girl and a boy in the study age. They’re on the road and waiting for the train (background Slagelse st.), While filling in the profile is the life that sparkles in detail-style war between Peter, Michael and Ulrik They had an interesting building at Slagelse station, which was chosen for the project.

A painting on each side of the building. One side is on track with Rail Net Denmark, with transmission lines, 25,000 volts in lift height. So it was a vast place, with security courses / plans, fluorescent clothing, grounded etc. The job also required a 20 foot container and p- permission for this. So at the end of June 2016, with Martin as a backup, we started on the boy mural and had it finished in 5 days.

The week after the girl mural to. While we painted the station wall, trains constantly passed with enthusiastic spectators and we got also some happy screams
14 days after the gables officially donated to Slagelse. The festivities took place on the platform in front of the girl mural, with Many people and mayor Stén Knuth.

Big thanks for the cooperation to Slagelse beautification company – Net Denmark – FC Roskilde – Wilhelm Johansen + team – Slagelse lift – Slagelse Residential Even cabinet – and not least thanks to the weather was with us.